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If you want to send me your songs for mastering, the file size will most likely be too large for an e-mail. You can, of course, mail me a link to your file server or Dropbox etc. The easiest way for you to send me your files is through WeTransfer (a free service without registration). If we haven’t had contact so far, please get in touch with me first by e-mail or phone, so that I know which project the files belong to. Please do also read through the following information and important notes on how to transmit your audio files.

Please note these steps before you upload your files:

Please do only send uncompressed WAV or AIFF files!
Please understand that compressed formats like MP3 will not be mastered! Thanks.

Songupload (via WeTransfer)

Instructions on Uploads through WeTransfer:

  1. Select the files you would like to send me by clicking on the “Add your files” button.
  2. Click on “Your email” and add your email address. This is shown to me as sender. My e-mail (info@hi-mastering.com) should already be assigned to the “Their email address” field. If you like, you can add a message in the “Message” field.
  3. Click the “Transfer” button and your songs will be uploaded and I can download them afterwards.

Privacy note on WeTransfer:

WeTransfer is going to collect the contact information (e-mail and IP) if you send files with their service and store them on servers in the Netherlands and the USA. Please do not send any further personal information (e.g. by their “Message” form field) because their data privacy is not completely transparent to us. You may read their legal terms and privacy policy first if you like.